Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"How to Run a Successful Stable"

A book not yet published, but one I'd like to read if written correctly. It isn't rocket science, yet there are horses in stables the nation wide who suffer from cribbing, wood chewing, stall weaving, colic, and the list goes on. All because certain simple, but critical elements are not met:
1) Sufficient, regular (read daily) turn out with contact to peers as herd animals
2) Plenty of fresh forage, be it grass or hay, so that the horse never becomes hungry
3) Fresh water ad libitum

This is such a big soap box for me yet I've seen too many (so called) successful boarding stables who don't supply everything on the (albeit short) list. If each ingredient is supplied, every day, consistently, the stable will be a success. If even one element is omitted, or only supplied intermittently, everything from the health of the horse to the successfulness of the training breaks down.

My everlasting thanks to Teri at Blue Fox for running the best boarding stable I've come across. All three components are supplied, with no drama and complete reliability.