My Goals

My long term goals as a rider include:

  • Earn a USDF Bronze medal (requires six scores of 60% or above: two each at First, Second, and Third levels from two different judges at two different rides at each respective level).  UPDATE: Accomplished!  Rijkens earned our final score at third level to earn our USDF Bronze medal!
  • Earn a USDF Silver medal (requires four scores of 60% or above; two at Fourth level from two different judges/shows and two at Prix St. Georges from two different judges/shows) Update: Accomplished!  Rijkens earned our USDF silver medal!
  • Earn a USDF Gold medal (requires four scores of 60% or above; two at I-1 and/or I-II from two different judges/shows and two at Grand Prix from two different judges/shows)
  • Graduate from the USDF "L" Education Program with distinction to become a schooling show judge at Training through Second level
  • Become a USEF "r" dressage judge; pre-requisites are graduating with distinction from the L program, and five scores of 65% or higher at fourth level from four different judges
  • Ride a USDF Musical Freestyle, update: accomplished!  Rijkens and I competed in 2016 at Fourth level USDF Musical Freestyle.
  • Ride a USDF Pas de Deux
  • Building on what I've learned with Delphi and others, ride/train successive young dressage horses from green through Grand Prix