Rijkens' Goals

  • Earn our final score requirements at second and third level of 60% or above toward our USDF Bronze medalUpdate: earned our initial Second level qualifying score at WKF Summer Dressage II (7/24/11) with Delphi.  Half way there!  Update (April 2013): Rijkens earned our last second level score and first third level score.  One more third level score to go!  Update (September 2013): completed!  Rijkens earned our final third level requirement to earn our USDF bronze medal!
  • Show Fourth level and Prix St Georges in 2014-15  to earn our USDF silver medal.  Update: in 2014 we showed fourth level, earning our initial two scores so we're half way to our silver medal.  Update: completed!  Rijkens earned our USDF silver medal!
  •  Show Intermediare and Grand Prix by 2016-17 to earn our USDF gold medal.  Update: Rijkens showed Intermediare in 2017 with our trainer Andrea Attard and qualified for USDF Region 9 championships!