About Delphinia

A Texas born and bred sporthorse, Delphinia was green but showed talent when I purchased her in October 2005.  Delphi was inspected in Katy, Texas on June 29, 2002, where she was approved for admission into the American Trakehner Association's Official Stud Book with a 70% overall, an 8 for type and 8 for frame, with the comments "shows good femininity and expression with good type; good neck set," "good frame with a good coupling," and "quiet, well mannered attractive mare showing good type."  Delphi received her German verband double moose antler brand on June 23, 2007.  With the expert guidance of our trainer Karen Brown, Delphi and I continue to improve together.
This blog chronicles the training, lessons, clinics, shows, and all our striving in the pendulum between a few steps of collection to a few steps of extension and back again.  We showcase not only Delphi's work-a-day campaigning, but also some of the fun stuff we do like hacking, surviving vet visits, trialing products, interacting with stablemates, deepening existing friendships and making new ones.

Update July 2012: we made it through third level to earn half of our required scores toward our USDF bronze medal.  I rode her through some elements of FEI level dressage including piaffe, passage, working pirouettes, and half pass.  Delphi taught me so much during her seven year tenure as my dressage student, teacher, and partner.  Delphinia now dances with Tammy McGowen at Lyndon Rife Dressage