About Rijkens

Rijkens, (pronounced "RYE-kens") a 2001 Holsteiner gelding born and bred at Michigan Sport Horse, enters our collective journey as he is beginning his FEI career.  Shown successfully at Prix St Georges and schooling through Grand Prix, I'm planning on learning and growing with him as we continue the pursuit of balance and harmony.
Rijkens was owned and raised from a foal by Cherie Everett who still owns his dam, and was trained and campaigned through FEI dressage by Cheryl Kellerman the owner of his sire.  Rijkens' sire is the famous Holsteiner Rantares and Rijkens' dam is the Holsteiner Ladybug.  Great expectations for my new partner Rijkens!

Update: Rijkens is enjoying his next chapter.  Here we are pictured at our last show together earlier this year doing Prix St Georges, at which we qualified for our local southwest dressage championships for 2018.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Rijkens for all he has taught me and brought into my life, including and certainly not limited to two USDF medals, bronze and silver.  Together Rijkens and I participated in the HDS Conrad Schumacher invitational symposium, and were the 2016 recipients of the Carol Lavell Gifted Grant.  Rijkens qualified for and competed at USDF Region 9 championships multiple years, where he earned 12th place overall in the region at PSG and 3rd place in the region at Fourth Level over consecutive years.  Rijkens and I were the 2016 USDF HDS Fourth level Champions, and together with our coach Andrea Attard Rijkens qualified at Intermediare for USDF Region 9 championships.  Rijkens is doing a great job with his new dad, and I'm grateful to still be in Rijkens' life and watch as he is spoiled and so well loved by everyone around him.  Rijkens' next maneuver is as a mount for a Special Olympics team athlete who will be riding Rijkens as she prepares for the Special Olympics.  As with all things Rijkens, he lives life in his classic good boy style!

Rijkens schooling in Florida with Cheryl Kellerman: