Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Product Review: Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls

Product claim: A long lasting stall treat that horses love.

: This boredom-breaker was purchased recently while Delphi had to stand in her stall several days in a row due to wet weather. It's an eight inch ball of sweet feed with a loop implanted in it that you're instructed to suspend over the middle of the stall just above horse's eye level. However since it's so messy I've had to hang it against the side of the wall to keep the goo from dripping down onto Delphi. Because it is actually food, Delphi has paid slightly more attention to it than the other plastic boredom-breaker toys I've tried. The ball drips sticky goo that gets caught in her mane and coat, and it is very hard to remove even with a damp cloth. The flies are then more attracted to the goo in her hair coat. At $24 it's kind of an expensive treat.

: It does occupy time if Delphi has to stand in her stall and it is more attractive to her than the traditional plastic boredom-buster toys, even the ones with treats. It does not mold and the ants and flies leave it alone even in 95+ degree weather.
Cons: It drips sticky goo so don't stand under it for long periods of time, and the goo gets on Delphi's ears, mane and coat which have to be wiped clean each day. After the initial novelty wears off and she figures out she can't actually eat it, she pays less attention to it.

Bottom line
: I don't recommend it simply because of the daily mess at grooming time.