Sunday, January 25, 2009

781 Ranch

Delphi's friend Charger entertained us this cold, blustery weekend at her new place west of Bellville, a beautiful 47 acre horse facility; truly a retreat. Delphi can't wait to visit in person.

A view of the house from the barn:

The barn and house:

The barn has a separate feed room and airconditioned tack room, and all six stalls have individual runs:

The turnout paddocks' gates:

Turnout paddock and another run-in shed:

Can you tell I like the barn?

Looking into Charger's stall from her run:

The folks of 781 Ranch will see you coming down their drive long before you reach the house:

Looking out the back door of the house:

Partial view of the hayfield (or riding trails!) brooding in the wintertime grey of cold; that sky on a clear, sunny day would be just as beautiful in a dissimilar way:

Speaking of riding, here's the ~100meter x 120meter arena, overlooking a beautiful yet tranquil hill:

More tranquility; overlooking the pond toward the old racehorse barn:

Charger's "mom" surveying her land:

Adding to the charm and serenity of 781 Ranch, a famous stallion is buried under a tree covered by a mass of tangled vines in a peaceful area down from the pond. The stallion was so beloved by his owners that it's written into the deed that any subsequent owners keep the gravesite and leave the marble stone to quietly remember their once great friend. *sniff* The stone reads
AQHA Champion
Superior Halter Horse
Here Lies a Great Champion
Mar. 25, 1963 - Oct. 8, 1978":

(See the article "One Foot in Paradise" in the HDS newsletter "Collective Remarks" page 7.)


Terri Smith said...

Carrie, what a great website. Thanks for taking these beautiful pictures! TS