Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meet Fee

Fee, an upper level Rhinelander mare, is owned by my barn buddy Karen who has graciously allowed me to ride Fee while Karen nurses a broken wrist back to health. Fee has been teaching me how to correctly ask for up transitions. The key is in your position: keep your lower legs back and away from the horse, your knees soft, and your seat following with your torso stretching upward. For the up canter trans, half halt up to allow the neck to be in a natural position, supple the poll, jaw and neck with flexions (remember to soften the rein), then allow your inside seatbone to move forward with the canter movement and give a slight "stomp" on the inside stirrup. Fee canters so nicely from collected walk. During our lesson we even schooled flying changes! In half pass, remember that the shoulders lead and there should be definite bend in the direction of travel.


Jeremy said...

I am jealous. You make look (and sound) so easy.