Friday, June 26, 2009

"WOW" Medium Trot, and Beware the Heat

During our lesson we had a couple very nice medium trot lengthenings. Our shoulder in continues to improve; keeping my eyes focused on my endpoint, sitting rhythmically to keep a lively tempo, activating the inside hind (with leg and whip) to move the hindquarters away and keep Delphi into the outside rein, and insisting Delphi stay engaged and on the bit are all key.
A side note to Southerners and Houstonians in particular: remember to hydrate before, during, and after exertion in this above 100 degree heat (yesterday we had actual temperature of 105). We all know this but the morning of my lesson I popped out of bed and had my normal granola bar and cup of coffee; no water, little protein. Then I proceed to the barn where I chose NOT to ride in the indoor arena (my excuse was I like the 20 x 60 grid and the forwardness of the outdoor) and after 45 minutes of intenese schooling (neglecting to hydrate), like a Southern Belle I nearly fainted clean away after the dismount. After Karen and Patricia gave my face and neck an ice bath, removed my boots and socks, and re-hydrated me I was fine. The moral of the story is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and EAT SOMETHING! Karen's secret weapon: electrolyte packets you can stash in your tack trunk and easily mix with water for an electrolyte and B-12 boost just when you're getting ready to pass out from the heat (available at most drugstores). Be careful out there!


Marlene Caldwell said...

Gosh -- sure glad you are OK.