Monday, July 27, 2009

Canter Lengthenings

Our lesson today focused on canter lengthenings. At this point, from a collected canter ten meter half circle, I go onto the long side, half halt up, and ask for an immediate lengthening of frame for a few strides only. By thinking leg yield against the wall I am able to keep Delphi straight and not falling in onto her shoulder. After an initial good response to the "go" aids, I bring her back by stepping into the inside stirrup, half halting, and collecting the canter. Delphi needs to practice lengthening and coming back until she is comfortable with the process, and no longer feels the need to "RUN!" but rather realize she can come back to a collected frame after an arousing lengthening. We had some nice ones today!
We also worked on the walk pirouette. The key is in thinking haunches in, then allowing the turn with the outside rein (NEVER pull on the inside rein), meanwhile keeping the pure walk rhythm by reminding the haunches to march in a small circle with your outside leg.