Thursday, July 16, 2009

Product Review: Pyranha Wipe N Spray

Product claim: provides a protective coating against flies while giving a high sheen to the hair when brushed. Kills and repels flies and mosquitoes.

Review: a moderately priced repellent (~ $15 per quart), this spray was recommended to me by a local tack store owner.

Pros: This is by far the best fly spray I've tried. It repels both flies and mosquitoes and is very strong. The oily medium lasts well, even on sweaty days. A nice side effect is that it shines Delphi's hooves and makes them darker even when I don't apply it directly to the hoof-- just from the fallout of the oily base.

Cons: The oily vehicle makes it easy to deliver too much product in a small area. Care must be taken to spray it on evenly and not get too close to the skin while spraying, otherwise it goes on too concentrated and I've seen it irritate sensitive skin-- even causing welts. If you wet the skin with this product you'll cause (potentially severe) irritation.

Bottom line: Once and for all the best fly spray. Be careful to apply it so it goes on evenly-- not concentrated on a single area. I recommend it.