Friday, August 7, 2009

Boy Oh Boy

We've gone and done it. This weekend we adopted Rosco, a ruby red 12 to 14 month old Cocker spaniel boy, from Cocker Spaniel Rescue. Weighing in at under 16 pounds, he'll always be a small guy but is working on gaining a little weight.
Abandoned as a puppy to the streets of Lufkin, Texas, Rosco was picked up by the city pound. When the folks at Cocker Spaniel Rescue discovered him in May 2009, he was suffering from malnutrition and was almost completely bald from sarcoptic mange. During and after treatment, he had to be isolated from other dogs so the CSR kept him at a boarding facility in Missouri City while he was successfully cured of mange. When he was able to come back out into society, CSR brought him to their standing monthly adoption at our local Petsmart. That's where our paths crossed and he now lives with us, his forever family.
Though he officially begins obedience school (at My Dog and Me) later this month, Rosco has already learned to sit and settle, and his recall is pretty darn good. He has had absolutely ZERO house mistakes, and is quickly becoming addicted to chewing his stuffed kongs and other toys. Prissy is tolerating him well and even initiated play with him last night. He is absolutely the sweetest Cocker you could ever hope to know.
Welcome home Rosco!

"Can't we just take him back? I'm sure they miss him over at CSR!"*intelligent Border collie eyes roll skyward* "I call him 'hammers' as in 'dumber than a bag of...'"

"We can't all be GT students. I'll settle for C plus."
Super intelligent Border collie + silly goober Cocker = seems oil and water do mix, afterall.


Carrie said...

Already one great positive of this whole experience: after seeing Rosco get photographed and live to tell about it, Prissy instantly realized that the camera was neither a shock collar remote nor going to steal her soul and started posing for pictures!