Monday, October 19, 2009


Judges' comments have always been a helpful learning tool. Yesterday's Solstice Farm Halloween show was both fun and educational. The following are comment highlights from Delphi's second level tests 1 and 2 from judge Donna Meyer:

  • First medium trot: Some loss of rhythm, run vs lengthen but in the second medium trot: clear effort, shows thrust but come uphill vs over through bit
  • Shoulder in: overbent neck, leg yield
  • Travers: lost energy and connection and need bend, angle and energy
  • Halt, rein back: not square but obedient and correct steps back
  • Medium canter: need thrust and ground cover, crooked
  • Counter canter serpentine: need rounder connection
  • Counter canter on a straight line: straight but not on bit
  • Halt: straight, nearly square
  • Collectives: Adorable pair- keep developing thrust and rounder topline and Some better moments- horse tries :) Keep developing balance to hind and energy, impulsion so comes through back and improves throughness and connection. Capable pair- keep trying!
My take home lessons: for shoulder in step into the inside stirrup, tap with the whip as needed to keep a lively impulsion, GIVE the inside rein and keep her into the outside rein to maintain a straighter position; for medium trot: Delphi's thrust is good but now we need to add uphill balance; for medium canter: think shoulder fore to make it straight, and add THRUST and GROUND COVER; for canter work: maintain straightness and create throughness and suppleness by improving the connection; and overall work toward better throughness, more consistency and relaxed back to front connection.


Marlene Caldwell said...

Congrats on the blue ribbons!! You are an 'adorable pair' - keep up the good work!

Carrie said...

Thank you. To disclose all, our scores were 52% in second level test 1 and 56% in second level test 2, but I'm still very proud of Delphi's effort.

Jeremy said...

Yay!! Congratulations to you both!