Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Second Level Feedback

Pam Grace was the judge at today's Freestyle Farm schooling show in Fulshear. Some of her comments:

  • Halt: square and balanced 8
  • Medium trot (test 1): first four steps very high quality, then cantered (7 crossed out) 4
  • Medium trot (test 2): good from behind 8
  • Halt, rein back: through and balanced 8
  • Circle right and shoulder in: nicely through and connected; cover more ground with more energy 6
  • Free walk and medium walk: good overstep and good stretch 8
  • Counter canter: better 7
  • Travers: above bit, lacks angle and bend 5
  • 10 meter canter circle: above bit 5
  • Simple canter change of lead: stiffening, trot steps 5
  • Collectives: Smooth ride- encourage more engagement and throughness and Attractive horse- encourage better throughness and better engagement
Take home lesson: I need to be consistent in my aids to keep the throughness in all gaits and transitions, to keep Delphi supple through her back and her hindquarters engaged. Overall a better effort on Delphi's part.


Jeremy said...

That is a lot of 8s. Congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

Having been at the show for your second test and now watching your blog videos, once again I'm wow'd by the medium trot across the diagonal, the halt and reinback, the walk rhythms, the opening up canter....Lots of improvement, refinement, finesse -- keep up the great work!