Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jeff Moore Clinic June 19, 2010

Test riding strategies was the theme for our rides with Jeff Moore at beautiful Belle Terre farm. Among other topics, Jeff discussed:

  • For the turn down centerline, aim for an 8 meter turn, thus allowing yourself room to correct an overshoot and then glide straight onto centerline; also applies for turns at E or B
  • At home, ride 1 meter in from the rail, then ride deeply into each corner of the arena as if describing the corner pockets of a pool table; do this militantly unless you are specifically doing another figure such as a circle etceteras
  • When showing medium gates, show an immediate and impressive surge of medium directly AT the starting letter, then show a distinct return to the collected gait at the ending letter- think trot (or canter) in place for two or three steps
  • When showing leg yield or half pass, exaggerate the sideways movement immediately AT the starting letter; at the lower levels show exaggerated sideways early in the movement then glide along the rail if you reach the rail somewhat early
  • On entry, line up your centerline with the judge and some (very) distant focal point behind the judge rifle sighting style; ride to the judge not necessarily the letter C marker
  • Always brighten 10 meter circles so they are even more lively than your regular gait
Topics not covered by Jeff but exceedingly helpful if, like me, you are fortunate enough to have these tough-to-come-by but very appreciated additional items:
  • Have an incredible support team surrounding you with positive vibes and encouragement (cheering is optional but valued!)
  • Have your horse ridden regularly by, as well as take lessons from, a remarkable Dressage trainer who not only teaches your horse and you, but apprentices you how to train your own horse
  • Have the world's best slave/therapist/friend/all around competent horseperson as your groom
If you accomplish all of the above, you're sure to succeed!


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