Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Pupil Exceeds the Master

Delphi is fast approaching surpassing me in her Dressage training. It's true there are many things we can still work on together, but I've reached a point in my own training where I need to again start riding a variety of horses, this time at the upper levels of Dressage, to push beyond my current limits.
As a seven year old when I purchased her, Delphi could walk trot and canter in a round pen environment. Her primary-and only- job before I owned her was as a broodmare. Never having lived off the farm where she was born, Delphi led a somewhat protected life. In fact the one and only time she ever left the farm where she was born during her first seven years of life was to go to her inspection. When her previous owner and breeder dropped her off for my initial two week trial period, she casually mentioned that Delphi did very well getting on and off the trailer especially since it was only the second time in her life she'd even seen a trailer, and that by the way I might want to have her ultrasounded because they had recently implanted an Andalusian embryo in Delphi as a recip mare in their breeding program. WHAT?? Turns out all was well in the end-- she was open.
Thank heavens for our trainer Karen Brown, who we increasingly rely on for the campaigning of team Delphi. In the mean time I'm looking forward to riding the FEI movements on mounts such as Fee, Gryphon, maybe even Poder and Alli.
It is both a satisfaction and spur for action that I have taught Delphi almost all that I possibly can at this point. From learning to trailer obediently and quietly, standing passively for ear, face, leg and tail trimming, mane and tail pulling, to making accordion steps up and down the training scale and ultimately learning elements of self carriage and straightness, ours continues to be a fun and satisfying erudition. I'm very proud of Delphi and how much she has both learned from me and taught to me, and continues to do so.


Anonymous said...

Your feelings towards Delphi are exactly what we amateurs can hope for: first, do no harm.

Love watching your progress.