Monday, September 27, 2010

At Journey's End

Actually just starting the journey. Team Delphi earned the first score toward our USDF bronze medal at Windy Knoll Farm's show September 25, 2010. We couldn't have done it without our trainer Karen Brown and the dedicated equestrian, technical, and emotional support from our groom Ceil and her assistant Marlene.

One for the scrapbook; I got a "fairly good" from General Burton on my RIDER score:
Other good scores:
  • Both halts: 8, "straight."
  • 10 meter circles and both leg yields: 7, "accurate" and "supple."
  • Canter trans: 7, "balanced."
  • Change of rein through trot at X: 7, "fluid."
  • One loop maintaining counter canter: 7, "active."
The collective remarks from General Burton were: "Well done. Need to ask for more in extensions. More zest and enthusiasm."
We can certainly add more zest and enthusiasm now. After getting a score of 62.1 at first level from General Burton we truly are zesty and enthusiastic. Well done indeed, Pumpkin Pony!

Update: For a fun photo of General Burton, click here.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Congratulations!


Marlene Caldwell said...

So, did you ever get a picture of General B?