Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fat Pastern

Fetlock really. Just days after mailing in Delphi's entry to the Wendy Knoll show, she busts out with a left hind fetlock strain manifested with filling and slight heat, probably due to schooling quarter turns at canter where the hind leg has to carry the horse's weight while turning with a higher degree of collection. Dr. Bonner Wimberly at Waller Equine assured me it is okay to keep turning out Delphi to paddock, which I've been doing. Dr. Wimberly suggested I continue with the hydrotherapy and liniment treatment and keep Delphi in a standing wrap while she's indoors. Dr. Wimberly was hopeful that Delphi would be able to return to light work (walk, trot) in another week. Indeed the filling is much less today, day 7, than it was when these photos were taken on day 5. The good news is that Delphi has been consistently sound throughout. Having a couple weeks off work right before a recognized show was NOT in the plan. *sigh*