Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boot Camp Finale

We had our final Boot Camp lesson with Lurena: the premium was on keeping Delphi through and light in the hand and keeping my position and balance "up" and correct with me sitting "flat" in the saddle. Flexions and counter flexions create throughness, as does insisting that Delphi sit more in all gaits, particularly trot and canter. Quick half halts and quick gives, even "shaking the horse off of the rein" create lightness.

Keeping Delphi busy by changes of bend (bend and counter-bend) with lots of lateral movements such as few steps of leg yield-to few steps of half pass- to few steps of leg yield- to few steps of half pass. Delphi never gets to choose the rhythm or balance: if she wants to plod along in jog trot, she has to sit over her haunches and step lively; if she wants to rush or run through the aids, she has to sit over her haunches and do half steps in slow time. The rider, always and only, dictates the gait.

Delphi is genius at having long drawn out conversations and talking me into doing it her way: rather, I need to consistently keep my elbows down (they're MY elbows, not hers), keep my balance back flat in the saddle, and create the walk, trot or canter that I decide on, insisting Delphi is in self carriage and light in the bridle.

For our boot camp finale, Delphi and I will be showing Second Level Test 3 and debuting Third Level Test 1 at this Sunday's Valentine's Fun Show at Blue Fox Farm. The journey continues...