Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long Lines

In-hand driving is an excellent way to develop balance and engagement; it encourages the horse to better connect from behind so the hind legs can step under to carry weight.
Karen taught us some basics in our lesson this week.

We begin:

Just as in riding, I keep my elbows down and my core engaged:

Though we'd like to see her neck more relaxed, Delphi is engaged and becoming more uphill:

Delphi is relaxing into the work; I need to lower my elbows so my rein aids are more effective:

Uphill canter; engaged and in self carriage:

The uphill tendency is there; we would prefer Delphi's neck be more relaxed so she can better raise her withers:
Inside (Delphi's right) hind leg stepping well under her body, with withers raised in relative elevation:

Photo credits: Karen Brown