Friday, May 13, 2011

Wizard and Delphi Gait Comparison

Delphi and Wizard will be collaborating this summer in a Pas de Deux. We've settled on Spanish music for our theme.

2011 USDF First Level Freestyle requirements:
1. Walk (20m minimum continuous free walk).
2. Walk (20m minimum continuous medium walk).
3. 10m or smaller circle in trot (no smaller than 8m)j.
4. Leg yield in trot. (Coefficient of 2)
5. Lengthen stride in trot.
6. 15m or smaller circle in canter (no smaller than 10m).
7. Change of lead through trot. (Coefficient of 2)
8. Lengthen stride in canter. (Coefficient of 2)
9. Halts at beginning and end of test.
10. Gaits- rhythm and regularity
11. Impulsion- energy, elasticity and engagement
12. Submission- basic issues of submission, technical aspect of the rider.

Artistic Impression:
1. Harmony between Horse and Rider. (Coefficient of 3)
2. Choreography- use of arena, design cohesiveness, balance, and creativity (Coefficient of 4)
3. Degree of difficulty. (Coefficient of 2)
4. Music-suitability, seamlessness, cohesiveness (Coefficient of 3)
5. Interpretation-music expresses gaits, use of phrasing and dynamics (Coefficient of 3)

2007 USDF Pas de Deux:
Technical Execution:
1. Performance as a Pair- spacing, alignment, and synchrony (Coefficient of 4)
2. Required elements- Technical Execution (Coefficient of 3)
3. Impulsion & Submission. (Coefficient of 3)
Penalty for exceeding maximum time. (One point is deducted from the total for Artistic Impression for exceeding the time limit. There is not minimum time or specified deduction.)

Artistic Impression
1. Harmony between Horses & Riders. Fluency of performance. (Coefficient of 3)
2. Choreography. Balance, creativity, difficulty, construction. (Coefficient of 5)
3. Musicality. Suitability, cohesiveness, editing, phrasing and dynamics. (Coefficient of 2)

Time requirements: no minimum time for any level. Training-Fourth: 5 minutes max; PSG-Intermediate: 5 minutes max; Grand Prix: 6 minutes max