Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In order to be a more elegant rider, one must allow the horse the element of self carriage, alignment, and lightness.

I learned an example of this in my lesson with Karen Brown this morning (where it was raining cats and dogs-- glory be!). When straightening the horse after renver (as in second level test three) allow with the inside (of the bend for renver which in this example is toward the outside of the arena) rein, then wait with what will now be the new inside rein, so that the horse's shoulders come back in alignment and the horse is then prepared to make a good bend through the corner. (As an aside, it not only makes since to finesse this movement for the sake of harmonious riding but also for the sake of one's score as it is shown twice each with a coefficient of two in this particular test.)

It's less about busy-ness on the rider's part and more about waiting for the horse and allowing the horse.