Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rode four horses today.

Delphi is solidly schooling the third level movements. For now I'm leaving the changes alone due to our upcoming show which will (hopefully) be her last second level tests. Worked on flexions and counter flexions at canter. Continuing to develop throughness and lightness in the hand in all gaits.

EXCELLENT work from Wizard today. I was able to get fluid, round canter. His trot following the canter work was to die for. The trot lengthening was buoyant and full of impulsion-- and round and through too! Delphi's pas de deux partner, I schooled Wiz with the first level requirements in mind.

Appassia- learning to neutralize her little tensions by saying, "No, really, you must" and staying firm and positive with her. Schooled some nice canter even on her trickier left rein. She tried to pull the "I'm scared of the swimming pool" routine but I didn't buy it and we had a nice ride instead.

Re-visited the changes today on Rajah: he drops to trot for less than one stride then canters off in the new lead rather than flying through. The first time I schooled Rajah I got good changes but his owner told me today that they are difficult for him. For strengthening we schooled shoulder fore in canter. Got some fantastic trot half pass and walk pirouettes.