Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Centerline Sweep

The Centerline Training group was a hit at this weekend's All Heart Horse Farm Houston Dressage Society show. We took champion, first, and second places in all levels entered: third, first and training; with Rajah and Tiffany champion training level (and overall show highpoint training level and above) and Allie and Lisa champion first level.
Amazing what solid coaching, supportive atmosphere, and excellent training at home produces! With thanks to our wonderful trainer Karen Brown who empowers us- horses and riders alike- with solid principles of classical dressage, plus that extra something that is empathy, respect, and love for our equine partners and each other.

Long time buddies Allie and Wizard arriving:

The Centerline group from left to right Marlene, Tiffany, Lisa, Karen, Rachel and Carrie, with a Wizard nostril in the foreground (with thanks to helper/photographer Amy, Rajah's owner!):

Having a blast; Wizard/Rachel, Rajah/Tiffany, Allie/Lisa and Delphi/Carrie: