Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Delphi was an absolute pumpkin at the Jeff Moore clinic this week at Belle Terre. With Jeff's help we were able to improve the canter by adding more engagement via improving the the way the canter is ridden- with active reach back on my part and passive, NOT driving, coming forward of my seat. We schooled clean, straight flying change where the priority list is line of travel and don't make me work (I can kick Delphi and make her work), but cross canter is not important just keep riding her through 'til she changes. We worked on improving the renvers and travers by keeping Delphi's forehead perpendicular to the line of travel. Our biggest breakthrough was in the extended gaits back to an "uphill climb" to collection. I came away being able to say we "approached collection" through keeping her tall with "palsy" action of the rein.

We started out with Jeff Moore giving commentary and scores while Delphi and I performed second level test three:

Back at home I calculated the score and got 60.0%. The good news is this was the first few minutes of the first lesson of the entire clinic so I'm positive the scores will improve now on the other side of the clinic.