Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Love

Working with Big Gem, a nine year old ex-racehorse who is changing careers from hunter jumper to dressage, has reminded me why Thoroughbreds were my first love. Always willing and trying to say "yes," Gem can get tense but settles quickly when asked to do so. His mouth is THAT soft and lateral work is coming very easy to him. With an uphill "10" canter and just about 17 hands he is easy to sit since he is so eager to offer his back up to you.
What a dear, fun boy. I got to spend some time chatting with his owner today: she's a 72 year old retired nurse who has campaigned Gem the last few years on the hunter circuit but now wants to learn dressage both for fun and as a means to keep her awesome horse fit and sound. Well done.

Big Gem: truly a diamond that shines brighter and brighter with polishing!


Anonymous said...

Carrie, I appreciate your description and photo of Big Gem! He is Allie's new best buddy, and I'm developing a bit of a crush on him. TB's are my first love as well and were my first mounts. Gem is my ideal horse -- bright bay, his markings, his personality. LOVE him, and I love to watch Gem and Allie, especially when they execute their syncronized walk and trot. I'm so glad that you're working with him as I felt Dallas' frustration. I think he could be a dressage star.

I really enjoy your blog...!