Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Show Off

Today during our ride my barn buddy Racine was schooling her lovely Dutch warmblood mare at the same time I was working Rijkens.  While we were both at the free walk on the buckle she asked "So what can he do?"  Now I don't think she was baiting me but rather making polite conversation when this elegant German rider questioned "Can he do piaffe?"  My response was "Er, ah, um well yeah, but--- you know I only just got on him and it wouldn't really be fair to ask..." my voice trailed off as she raised her eyebrows.  I mean yeah my pony is trained but I'm no Grand Prix rider after all...

But then I thought let's just see here: so I shortened the reins to collected walk and with my body and aids said Energy! Tone! GET some energy.

Rijkens lifted into a bee-you-tee-ful piaffe and as I gave the rein lofted forward into passage.  It only lasted a few moments as I threw the buckle at him and made big fuss.  I had one of those superstitious moments where you look over your shoulder since you just can't believe it's happening.  Yeah, this is going to be fun.

Rijkens' earliest attempts schooling piaffe with his first trainer Cheryl Kellerman