Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Training horses is easy.

Learning to train horses is VERY hard.

The things I know that I know how to train a horse to do, such as trailer loading, in-hand work, or shoulder-in for example, come simply and seemingly effortlessly for horses I've worked with.  The struggle for me is learning to teach a horse the things that I haven't yet taught multiple horses to do.  Yes I could write a lecture on how to get a horse to do these things but I'm finding in the actual lab of the arena it is sometimes tough to create and maintain the alchemy of balance and harmony.

However I persist in my study of the art and science of training, and my horses continue to instruct me how to best educate them.  Of course the diligent and intentional instruction from competent horsemen/women who have multiple years on multiple horses of experience is indispensable.