Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy Boy

Rijkens is at Belle Terre Farm enjoying a six week boot camp with Lurena Bell.  With aspirations to show at fourth and Prix St Georges in the new year, we are spending this winter in focused training.

Included in the winter schooling are two clinics with Jeff Moore, weekly lessons with Lurena Bell, and our ongoing apprenticeship with Karen Brown.  Also Rijkens audited the Charles deKunffy clinic from his paddock and I got to audit five rides on the first day of the deKunffy clinic.

After just a few sessions with Lurena Rijkens has improved.  Side-ways jumping canter half passes, sweeping trot half passes in perfect alignment, improved collection in canter, and raised withers in medium gates  were the benefits of Lurena's guidance during my lesson this week.  Rijkens is THAT much fun to ride, and even that much more fun to ride when he is so responsive after being regularly schooled by an FEI trainer.

A couple of candids from today's session with Lurena:

The saga continues!