Monday, September 16, 2013

Rijkens is moving to Twinwood Equestrian Center

September 27, 2013 Rijkens will be moving to Twinwood Equestrian Center in Simonton, Texas where he will be in training with USDF silver medalist and British Horse Society graduate Andrea Seaman Attard, and Rijkens and I will begin clinics at Twinwwod this month with olympian Jan Ebeling.

Twinwood has a beautiful indoor dressage arena with premium shredded rubber footing, full length mirrors and a complete sound system for freestyles.  Rijkens will enjoy being turned out all night with a quiet buddy in a large grassy paddock.  There is a groomed outdoor dressage court as well as dozens of acres of mature pecan and live oak trees for trail riding.

Opportunities to learn abound at Twinwood, including clinics with Jan Ebeling, Janet Foy, David Blake and Lendon Gray, and Freestyle seminars with Karen Robinson.  There is an active show team that maintains a vigorous USEF/USDF show schedule.  Of course Rijkens and I will maintain our friendship with our remarkable trainer Karen Brown, and continue with Lurena Bell and Jeff Moore. 

 Outdoor dressage court:
 Lots of space for turnout and trail rides:
 Rijkens' stall:
 Rijkens' barn exterior:
Twinwood is a pretty spiffy place, and Rijkens and I are looking forward to continuing our journey toward balance and harmony together here.