Friday, January 31, 2014

In the Shower

My barn buddy Ceil suggested I occasionally take off the USDF bronze medal Rijkens earned in 2013, such as when showering.  What I've discovered is: I can't.  Ok I don't literally wear it in the shower, but I might as well.

I'm so proud of my good boy Rijkens for all his accomplishments, and grateful to him and our team for allowing me to ride my dream.

Some highlights from 2013:

Spring at Windy Knoll Rijkens gets our initial third level score requirement:
We earn our final third level score and achieve our bronze medal at the HDS labor day show:

Rijkens earns in the 69+%, making my fourth level debut at the fall Belle Terre schooling show:
 Fall 2013 Rijkens moves to Twinwood to start training with Andrea Attard and Jan Ebeling:
 Achievement certificate for Rijkens' third level work in 2013 from the HDS:
 Rijkens and Delphinia have their photo in the winter 2013 USDF Yearbook:

Rijkens' wall of fame including his 2013 blue (and the one red from his bronze medal ride!) ribbons, glass trophies, certificates from the USDF and HDS and his USDF bronze medal and lapel pin:

What's next?  I'm currently working on a fourth level freestyle for Rijkens.  In order to be eligible, I have to submit a score of 60% or higher at either fourth level test three or Prix St Georges.  Since I am aiming for my silver medal I've set my sight on showing PSG to both qualify for freestyle and earn the second half of my silver medal scores.  His FEI work with Andrea is continuing well and we plan to move him up to Intermediate later this year as he's ready.