Friday, February 7, 2014

Freestyle Notes

In organizing my thoughts for a freestyle with Rijkens, here are some notes:

Rijkens approximate beats per minute (calculated from a video of his most recent showing at fourth level):

Walk = 48 bpm
Trot = 72 or 76 bpm (so music with a 74 bpm can work well)
Canter 96 bpm

Fourth level choreography requirements:
Walk (20m minimum continuous collected)
Walk (20m minimum continuous extended)
Shoulder-in (left and right)

Trot half-pass (left and right)
Extended trot

Canter half-pass (left and right)

Flying changes of lead,every fourth stride (3 minimum) note: coefficient  2

Canter working half-pirouette (left and right) note: coefficient 2

Extended canter
Halts at beginning and end of test
Clearly Forbidden
•Full canter pirouette
•Tempi changes (2s, 1s)

Clearly Allowed
•Everything that is not
clearly forbidden
•Note that flying changes
of lead every third stride
and true canter half
pirouette are permitted