Monday, June 29, 2009

Of Self Carriage and Collection

The major pearl of wisdom from the Bushager award: if I had to choose only one facet of the entire immersion period, it would be Delphi's weekly schooling by a professional. Having Karen Brown ride Delphi on a regular basis was the single most important aspect of both Delphi's and my own learning and improvement. The consistent guidance of a qualified expert is the best, and probably only, way for a horse to move up the levels. My thanks to Karen! (Que the Jefferson's theme music.)

Click here to read my Bushager grant immersion program article, also published in the HDS "Collective Remarks" (see page 27).
The following photos from the immersion program relate to the article:

Giving the rein to allow self carriage:

Karen Brown schooling Delphi. Note the supple poll, which is the highest point:

Active hindquarters jumping under in canter, displaying relative elevation. My hands could be raised to allow Delphi to be more supple through the poll:

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