Monday, October 5, 2009

Articulating Joints

Using cavalletti is great way to jazz up your training regime and (safely) put to good use pent-up energy if your horse has had to be indoors due to weather. Because ground pole work demands extra effort, we kept it to a brief 30 minute lesson. After first walking a series of five poles spaced four human paces apart, we trotted in away from the gate to get Delphi using her hind end to thrust herself into the air and move in cadence and rhythm. In rising trot, I first gave Delphi a little extra freedom with the rein so she could stretch down and round her back. Her back sprang up beneath me at each stride as the poles made her step higher and push off the ground with extra energy. Karen then increased the distance between the poles to five human paces; that's when it got really fun! Because Delphi is slightly more advanced, her back is strong enough to carry me in sitting trot. With the energy that was created, I was able to ride super mediums, shoulder ins, ten meter turns and circles, and even one very good step of passage! Way cool!