Friday, October 9, 2009

Supple Canters- Counter and Medium

To maintain suppleness during counter canter, prepare first by doing a true canter circle, during which do flexions left and flexions right, being sure to back up the flexions with leg. As you go into your counter canter, continue the subtle left and right flexions to keep the horse's shoulder from popping out and to keep the horse from leaning in-- in other words, keep the horse "straight" and softly seeking the contact.
You can continue the supple-ing flexions in medium canter. Stay soft, relaxed, and BREATHE, and allow the horse a few good forward strides of medium, then collect for a good transition. For schooling purposes, at the end of the medium canter immediately ride a ten meter canter circle. This will accustom the horse to "coming back" immediately for a good transition from medium to collected canter.