Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Insist on Personal Excellence

Beautiful Freestyle Farm was the venue for our most recent show Sunday July 11, 2010. Though Delphi got two blue ribbons for two rides, our scores did not improve. Delphi was much more relaxed and obedient however; now I need to continue to develop the engagement of the hindquarters, lightness of the forehand, and insist on personal excellence in making my aids effective.

The helpful collective remarks from judge Leslie Cummings reveal where our homework should focus:
Second level test two: "Attractive team. This level requires much more engagement of the hindquarters with thrust and ground-covering strides. Expect more. Sure seems to be in there!"
First level test four: "Pleasant team. 1st 4 gets serious about thrust from behind, an elastic connection back-to-front with straightness AND ground-covering strides. Re-balance that 'lengthening' trot as your starting point!"

Delphi's medium and lengthened trot got "some ground cover but needs more-- 7" and "some thrust shown; use this energy in your working trot--7."

Also telling were our respective collective marks. Delphi got "7" for GAITS while I got "5" on RIDER. I need to expect as much personal excellence from myself as what I expect Delphi to give; if I will bring my A game every day, every ride-- no excuses-- our scores will improve.