Saturday, July 17, 2010

Journey to a Recognized Show

I am excited to announce that Delphi and I have set our sights on competing at our first USDF/USEF recognized show. We've chosen Windy Knoll Farm's fall show September 25-26 2010. Since I'm new to the world of recognized shows, I want to chronicle what we learn as we journey from the very beginning to the final salute on centerline. My hope is that we'll learn as we go AND from hindsight, as well as from any oversights I make along the way.

Here's what I've learned so far:

The first decision to make: Which show? Windy Knoll's fall show rose to the top of our decision tree for the following reasons:

  • Level 2 USEF dressage show; a level above an "introductory" show but still a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for our first recognized show
  • Lowest entry fees in Region 9 and no charge for trailer-ins; we can choose to show just one day and tie-up to the trailer as we do for schooling shows thereby saving $85 on stabling
  • Show is recognized by USDF, USEF, GAIC, and SWDC so we'll be in good company
  • Jonathan "Jack" Burton (S)- a great judge, trainer, and horseman- will be the President of the Jury at C; this was a major deciding factor for me (no pun intended)
Next, what are the pertinent dates?
  • Opens August 1, 2010
  • Closes August 31, 2010
  • Giving us plenty of time to prepare, gather documents/signatures (more on that next), and enter
What documents are required?
  • Entry form, downloadable from USDF or Windy Knoll's website
  • Current copy of Delphi's negative Coggin's test
  • My USDF member card
  • Delphi's USEF Horse ID card; obtainable at no charge from USEF
  • My USEF member card -click here to sign up for an individual membership account (considered "inactive" so I'll still have to pay the $30 USEF non-member fee) Update: I've since joined USEF so am now eligible to compete in USEF competitions and USDF qualifying and championship classes
  • Delphinia's Certificate of Lifetime Horse Registration- $85 from USDF
  • Update: My trainer Karen Brown's USEF and USDF member cards
What additional costs are involved?
  • Joining USDF ($62 for a one year participating membership or $1000 for a lifetime participating membership) or paying the USDF non-member fee of $20 per show
  • Joining USEF (3 year active for $150, 1 year active for $55 or lifetime for $2500) or paying the USEF non-member fee of $30 per show
  • USEF horse fees ($8 USEF fee and $7 drug fee) of $15
  • Office fee; for Windy Knoll it is $30
  • Stabling fee of $85 for the weekend or free for tying up to your trailer (I chose the free option)
  • Grounds fee; Windy Knoll's is no charge- another reason I chose this venue to get started
Including the above, what HAS to be on the entry form?
  • Three signatures: 1)the owner/agent's (in this example that's me), 2)the rider/handler (me again), and 3)the trainer's signature. If you wish to have your trainer assist you at the show for warm up etceteras, she must sign as your trainer; if you act as your horse's trainer you must sign under trainer's signature
  • Your horse's name, previous name if any, breed registry, gender, height, color, Coggins date; if known: sire, dam, dam's sire, country and date of birth, and breeder
  • Which classes you're riding and whether or not they are qualifying classes; must match up with the prize list from the show you've chosen
  • Your trainer's name, address, and USEF number if you're using a trainer at the show
  • Emergency contact name and phone number (hi Chris!)
  • The name and date of the competition; in this example it's "Windy Knoll Farm Fall Show September 25-26 2010"
This is what I know so far. I'll keep you posted as we learn more.