Sunday, July 25, 2010

HSPCA Recent Horse and Dog Rescue UPDATE

The HSPCA recently rescued over 100 horses and 40 dogs. Prissy's barn mom Patricia gave us the following update in response to the quick support of the HSPCA in their rescue effort:

"Many thanks to you all for rallying to the rescue of these poor little equines!! Over $2,100. was collected and used to purchase needed supplies for the 105 minis taken in by HSPCA. The team of Geoff, Erica, and Tracy are now hard at work putting in 13 hour days in this heat caring for the minis, with the help of vets and vet techs. I visited the site today, and saw all our supplies in use. I can not begin to describe the horrific condition of these animals, their hoofs, and general neglect. We need to stay alert now and be prepared to offer any support we can to the HSPCA staff and hope that a cruelty case will be brought against this woman. Thank you."

Donate directly through the HSPCA site by clicking here.