Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Save Money Showing Your Horse

In order for scores to count at recognized shows toward my USDF bronze medal, I must have verified my adult amateur status prior to earning the scores.
According to the USEF, "in order to obtain amateur status with the Federation [USDF], you are required to either pay for a non member amateur card ($30.00) or apply for a USEF membership and sign your amateur status ($55.00). If you plan to pay a $30.00 non member fee at the show, it would most certainly be more cost efficient to just activate a competing membership with us. The USDF takes the amateur status information from USEF, so you will definitely need to choose one of the two mentioned routes in order to obtain your amateur status."

As my legal council (okay not really- she's just my friend who happens to be an attorney) advised me: "How do you save money with your horse? Sell it."

The good news: as of last night I am an active member of USEF and have verified my amateur status. I opted for the 3 year competing membership that costs $150, thereby "saving" $15 over three years.