Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today is Prissy's Birthday

Prissy is nine today. Being that I lost to cancer my previous two dogs before their respective sixth birthdays, making it to a ninth birthday feels like a big deal.
Truly a rare find, we're thankful every day that Prissy chose us. And we're thankful to Prissy's barn mom Patricia for giving her up for adoption after giving her a last chance forever home. Prissy was well loved by her first owner, a man named Jason. Sadly Jason died and Prissy was recycled through several more homes after being semi-abandoned in her second home. Prissy is proof that fairy-tale endings can come true.
And don't laugh at her name; not only does it fit her well (yes, I AM aware that she dearly loves to roll in horse manure and in general takes her barn duties very seriously, but still she's a priss about the rest of life), it has been her name her whole life through five different owners-- she IS and always has been Prissy. And now she is and always will be OUR Prissy.

Happy Birthday Prissy!


Anonymous said...

Feliz cumpleanos, chica.