Friday, July 23, 2010

HSPCA Needs Us

Update: Enough halters and leads have been purchased for the horses currently in HSPCA's custody. Now the need is for de-wormers and other supplies.

To make a donation:

  • Call Babara at South Texas Tack 979-421-8800 to make a purchase with your credit card over the phone

Prissy's barn mom Patricia witnessed first hand the neglected horses and dogs that were rescued this week by the HSPCA:

"Friends: In the news yesterday you might have seen the story of an HSPCA rescue that involved over 105 mini horses and 40 plus dogs. The horses are in tragic shape, I went by today to drop off some donations and saw for myself. No photos or other details are allowed out now due to the impending legal actions, suffice to say I vomited before I pulled out of the driveway, and cried all the way home, hugging my own dear dogs to me and thinking, 'I live in a world where a person can do this over and over to hundreds of sentient creatures??' And as of this moment THERE ARE STILL MORE ANIMALS ON THIS OWNER'S PROPERTY!!! Hopefully, attempts to rescue them will be successful. If any of you are able to respond to the plight of these poor creatures, a direct line of action has been started."

What you can do to help: the most immediate need is for halters and lead ropes in the mini size. South Texas Tack is working with Rosemary Bozant and the ladies of the Bit and Bridle group and making a purchase for the mini rescue.
  • Call Babara at STT 979-421-8800 and provide a halter or lead rope by purchasing it with your credit card over the phone
  • Tell Barbara you are making a purchase for the mini rescue
Halters are $8.95, leads are $3.95; they will be delivered to the rescue site. With properly fitted halter and lead rope, the staff can work more efficiently, safely, and effectively to treat, train, and save these animals.

Here's an update on further rescue efforts of the HSPCA.