Thursday, September 16, 2010


Delphi got a clean bill of health and the go ahead from Dr. Jordan to continue her training and showing. These are Dr. Jordan's notes from Delphinia's exam at Waller Equine Hospital:

"Delphinia presented for swelling of the left hind limb. The swelling started approximately three weeks ago. It will resolve during activity but the following day after being in a stall it is noted to swell from just below the hock to just below the fetlock. The horse has been sound.

On presentation there was no swelling noted in the left hind limb. There was no pain on palpation of the flexor tendons or suspensory ligament. There was an old scar over the hock and a newer scar on the lateral aspect of the proximal 1/3 of the cannon bone. The horse was sound on lameness exam and flexion test. There was no hoof tester sensitivity.

A radiographic series was performed with a lateral view and a DLPMO [the palmaro/plantarolateral and dorsomedial surfaces of the carpus/tarsus] view. There were no abnormalities noted on the radiographs.

I recommend continuing to train and show the horse. You may consider putting that limb in a standing wrap while in a stall. If she can have paddock access this may help to limit the swelling.

I suspect that the swelling may be associated with decreased lymphatic drainage related to the old scar however I cannot determine the exact cause of the swelling."

Which is vet speak for, "I don't know what's wrong with your horse, but turn her out and keep her out, continue riding her, and if you force her to stand in a stall, which you shouldn't, but if you do then put the leg in a standing wrap."

Well, duh.

Oh how I wish wish wish she could be agisted at grass 24-7, but it's just not possible at a traditional boarding stable. I'm thankful for the ~10 hours per day of turnout that she currently enjoys. Still and all I'm glad I got the green light to go ahead with her training and showing.