Friday, January 7, 2011

Postcards from Camp

Heard from Delphi today. Lurena said she bonded so quickly with Bailey and Gentle Rain, her paddock mates, that when she worked her the first time Delphi was calling, whippping her head around to gaze at the paddock, and in general being a first class brat. Delphi was really feeling good about herself because not only did she have the run of the largest paddock, after gobbling her food (a small dry quart only) she barged Bailey out of the way and gobbled Bailey's ration too. SO, Lurena promptly segregated Delphi to a paddock where she is alone and the only thing she can do to feel good about herself is squeal at the poor gelding Casper in the next paddock over. Hopefully, rather than running Belle Terre (a job Delphi's convinced should be hers) Delphi can now focus on her real job of dressage.
Lurena has been schooling Delphi in that ever important prerequisite to all things past second level: Self Carriage.

Casper the Friendly Horse:
When she's not bossing Casper around Delphi can view the sheep of Belle Terre: