Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dressage Frock

After a recent dinner party discussion about the creepiness of dis-embodied clothes hanging on the wall, I reluctantly post the following pictures of my new dressage frock that arrived in the mail today:
It is a supposedly "breathable" polyester, it fits well, and I'm glad I ordered black rather than gray since when in bright sunlight the black tends toward a charcoal color.

Product: ELT Dressage Frock

Review: This coat has a velvet collar and silver piping on the collar and pocket flaps. It has a tailored cut and comes in European sizes so I ordered a size 38, which is a size larger than I would normally wear. I purchased it from Smart Pak for $95. It comes in three color choices: black, navy, or gray.

Pros: Very economically priced off-the-rack coat, easy care and wrinkle resistant polyester. With the contrast piping and velvet collar, it really is a pretty coat. The fabric will hopefully be cooler than wool.

Cons: If it had one or even two extra buttons I think it would fit even more nicely than with its three buttons. It's polyester, and not even the best synthetic will ever look as nice as real wool. It remains to be seen how many thousand white horse hairs that velvet collar will attract!

Bottom line: for the price it can't be beat and it seems to fit very well, though I ordered a size larger after reading reviews on the Smart Pak website. For value and low maintenance (it came folded several times in a small box and virtually had no wrinkles) I recommend it.