Monday, March 21, 2011

Show Strategy

With our next recognized show less than a week away, show nerves have started creeping their way up my spine. Instead of trying to shrug them off or ignore them, I've decided to face them head on:

  • Remember that I've stacked all the cards in my favor: while I may not ride the fanciest or most expensive horse, I ride a very nice mare that I love dearly and am proud to own. She has been consistently tutored by the best possible trainers, including Jeff Moore, Lurena Bell, and Karen Brown. Karen will be at the show to warm up Delphi and coach; I've done clinics when available; take a weekly lesson; Delphi is schooled and consistently ridden (wet saddle pad syndrome); I can honestly say I've done my due diligence.
  • Rather than say "I'm not going to worry," I drew a bath, set a time limit, and said "Fine, go ahead and worry-- whatever your worst fears are-- dwell on them for this time period." After my time was up, I resolved to act on my chiefest fears, namely forgetting something important or leaving something undone or neglected. I made a list of everything to bring with me from house, grocery, and barn, and made a list of everything I must get done before the show date.
  • Keep positively focused on our goal: we have every reason to expect that we will earn our final first level and initial second level scores toward our USDF bronze medal. And Delphi, piloted by Karen, is quite capable of qualifying for the second level open championship.


Jeremy said...

You are going to have a great time! I will be sending you all sorts of good vibes.