Monday, March 28, 2011

Topsider Dressage One Highlights

Delphi acquitted herself nicely this weekend and got her final first level medal-qualifying score. Judge Joan Darnell's comments were:
  • For Karen in Second Level Test Three: "Nice pair- horse needs to better connect from behind so hind legs can step under and carry weight. Lateral movements need more suppleness and engagement."
  • For me in Second Level Test One: "Attractive horse-" (At least she didn't say "Nice tail!") "Needs to improve uphill balance and engagement for improved collection and self carriage."
  • For me in First Level Test One: "Attractive, willing horse. Try to develop more balance so horse isn't on forehand. Shows bend, but could have more energy at times."


Jeremy said...

You three are wonderful! I am so happy for you.