Monday, July 25, 2011

Mare on Fire

As Karen put it, we "cleaned up" this weekend at the Windy Knoll Summer Dressage I and II show.

Best of all, I earned my initial second level qualifying score, putting us halfway to our USDF bronze medal. Delphi and I were on the USDF Adult Amateur Team "Stranger's Danger" and won first place for the team gold medal. Delphi earned two firsts under Karen and me respectively, which earned us the blue ribbons and two lovely crystal wine glasses.

Karen's ride-- which was awesome-- earned her the Reserve Champion for Second Level Open and a gift certificate to Charlotte's Saddlery! All in all, a fun weekend!

Trakehner trot:
Nephyn served as show Director:
Taking a break from the heat:
Swag, swag, and more swag:
Delphi earned two blue ribbons, two wine glasses, a red ribbon, and the USDF Adult Team Competition Gold Medal (Delphi was real impressed, can you tell?):Karen earned Reserve Champion Second Level Open, a gift certificate from Charlotte's, a blue ribbon, and a crystal wine glass:

Karen rode Delphi to the absolute razor's edge and pulled the utmost out of Delphi. After being inspired by Karen's ride and with additional coaching from Karen, our scores improved the second day.
Some score sheet highlights:

In my second level test three:
  • medium trot = "expressive" 7
  • both shoulder ins = "good bend, needs activity" 7 and "angle varies a bit" 7
  • up trans to collected canter from shortened stride in walk = "prompt" 7
  • simple change (canter-walk-canter) = "smooth, could stay better connected" 7
  • 10 meter canter circle, then simple change = "smooth but needs to improve connection" 7 and 7 respectively
  • GAITS (freedom and regularity) = 7
In my second level test one:
  • halt, rein back = 8
  • rider's position and seat = 7
The judge's comments were, from Maryal Barnett: "Attractive horse with lots of potential. Needs better connection back to front."

From Creeky Routson: "Attractive horse." [At least they didn't say "Nice tail!"] "Improved suppleness in connection will help consistency."

Maryal Barnett said of Delphi "Seems like a very honest horse." [HA! Delphi's got her snowed.] "Work on getting a more through topline."

Update: click for Delphi's results on the ATA page.


Anonymous said...

Yay, yay and yay!! Commendations all around (except the part about Delphi being honest--I've always counted my change twice after any transaction with that mare....). Congratulations to Team Delphi. Onward and Upward!