Monday, August 1, 2011

"How many horses did you ride today?" barn buddy Marlene asked of me. "Only three" I replied.

It's official: I have left a career in ophthalmology to embrace my destiny of riding full time. The first few lesson horses I've been riding are as varied as they are awesome: a powerful if compact Haflinger that teaches me the meaning of correct tempo, two noble Quarterhorse schoolmasters that are as eager to do upper level dressage movements as a southern gentleman is to hold the door for a lady, a pretty Arabian mare that teaches me I can ride one tempis, a Rhinelander mare that has earned several riders their bronze and silver medals and who considers the third and fourth level movements I'm learning as the easy stuff, and of course the challenging but rewarding world of the Trakehner.

While I may not take three riding lessons every day, it will be more common than not. I am excited and humbled at the opportunity afforded to immerse myself in the teachings and daily enterprises of my remarkable trainer-cum-mentor Karen Brown.


Anonymous said...

AA/blogger equation:

> riding - office-working = > blogging.

No slacking, now.