Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chiropractic Adjustment

Frankly I am still getting adjusted to the idea of taking a perfectly sound horse to a veterinarian. However that's just what I did this Friday: Delphi had her very first chiropractic consultation and adjustment with Robin Robinette,DVM at Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic. Jeff Moore has commented upon Delphi's "stilted-ness" at canter and her need to more fully articulate her lumbo-sacral joint; the clinician Michael Vermaas also commented that Delphi could benefit from a chiropractic adjustment; and our trainer Karen Brown not only has suggested having Delphi evaluated but uses Dr. Robinette for her own horses as well.

Turns out that Delphi was out in her pelvis (confirming the lumbo-sacral joint needed attention) as well as at the poll and bilateral jaw. While we were there I also had Dr. Robinette do a saddle fit evaluation that confirmed Delphi's Albion saddle fits her well with no pinching of the spine, back or withers and ample spine clearance in the gullet, over the back, and under the cantle-- though it was suggested the saddle could eventually be re-flocked as it seemed I sit heavier to the right side based on the flocking distribution. After she performed the adjustment Dr. Robinette suggested two days off work but with ample turn out, which Delphi got. Today I worked Delphi.

Did I notice a difference? Well, there is no magic bullet, so if I expected chiropractic to be enchantment, it isn't. However I did notice slightly more fluidity in Delphi's lateral work today, particularly in canter half pass. She gave me two excellent flying changes- one in each direction. Most importantly: first we did no harm. Delphi was not stiff or sore, and even seemed slightly more supple in the neck. In canter she felt through and balanced.

Dr. Robinette suggested that after Delphi's return visit scheduled for one month there is no particular set schedule for follow-up adjustments, but that one allows the horse to tell us when they are needed. All in all I am pleased with the result and will definitely return to Dr. Robinette in future.

Dr. Robinette begins her evaluation by having Delphi stand squarely:
During the adjustment Delphi looks almost as skeptical as I felt:
Dr. Robinette performing a saddle fit evaluation:


Anonymous said...

Sport loved his visit to Dr. Robin & for him it made a difference... He was relaxed enough after his adjustment that he rolled in the shavings in the stall!
-Angela G.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you took the advice. Awesome

Michael Vermaas