Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wish List

Includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Canter pirouettes
  • Piaffe
  • Canter half pass
  • Flying changes

During our lesson with Lurena Bell at Belle Terre Farm yesterday, we schooled the prerequisites for all the above. Lurena reminded me to continue strengthening and suppling the lower back by doing walk exercises such as shoulder in, pirouettes, walking turn on the forehand, etceteras to continue to teach Delphi to articulate her lumbo-sacral joint which will in turn improve all her canter work, including pirouettes and changes. We schooled half steps while keeping Delphi round yet up from the withers. We schooled large canter pirouettes by doing haunches in on a circle. We schooled canter half pass with the premium on keeping Delphi engaged, supple, and sitting over her haunches.

Asking Delphi to sit more over her haunches in canter:

Canter half pass right:

Slightly more up from the withers in canter:

Half steps:

Half steps:

A soft, happy eye at the end of the lesson: